Ellie & Chris

Chris & Ellie’s Pretty English Country House Wedding was held at Orchardleigh House in Somerset on such a beautiful sunny Spring day. As I drove up the windy road of this stunning Country Estate, I kew this was going to be a good day!

It really did not disappoint, with so much prettiness happening everywhere I looked. The thing I remember most about the day was the beautiful golden light and the fun I had with Ellie & Chris. So much laughter all day long. It was such a beautiful, happy day. xxx

Chris & Ellie’s Pretty English Country House Wedding Photographs from Orchardleigh House in Somerset on such a beautiful sunny Spring day.

Katherine & Andrew

Katherine & Andy got married at her parents beautiful stone cottage, in Suffolk in the tiny little church over the road from the house. I knew I was in for a treat when I was told Katherine’s father had written all the music for the ceremony and a full orchestra and choir were being squeezed into the church to perform it. You’ve never heard such beautiful music and to know it had been written and performed just for you, must have been so very special for the couple.

After the ceremony, everybody wandered over the road to the grounds of the cottage, where guests enjoyed cups of tea and sandwiches and sipped champagne as the sun shone.

Then the guests headed to a beautiful marquee in the grounds, which had been filled with gorgeous hydrangeas, roses, peonies and delphiniums, all in my favourite shades of Pink, blue & lilac. It looked breathtaking  and their cake was decorated with two of my favourite things: Peonies and bows! I loved spending the day with Katherine & Andy and their wedding day was an absolute treat…

Katherine took the time to write me the most touching letter and I have to say its one of the kindest and loveliest things I’ve ever read. It bought a tear to me eye. Thank you Katherine & Andy for choosing me and making me feel like I have the best job in the world xxx

“L.U.C.Y T.A.N.N.E.R  I am quite speechless.  The photos you took are just absolutely sensational.  I could NEVER have hoped to have SO many great shots from the day. I feel like I am eternally indebted to you!!!

You have really brought out the absolute best in everyone who had their photo taken by you…I am truly honoured that you were my photographer!!!!  I can’t say that enough.

You really captured the day and so much more…I have never had such photos taken of me EVER!!!!!  Aside from your incredible talent I think you are so incredible in the energy you give off which just put me so at ease and I think I fed off you all day!!  They look so amazingly natural, but not natural because natural photos can never be that good…It is all your talent hard at work…You just got SO many great shots!!

I just don’t know how to convey the joy and happiness I feel from these photos.  To use my dad’s words he said “she certainly did you proud” I don’t think you could have captured any more or any better.  You are a masterful talent!

Well Lucy Tanner, it was so amazing to meet you and have been one of your subjects…  It was a truly incredible day and I was thrilled with it all.  And to get these photos, the whole thing is ending on such a high! People honestly have not stopped talking about you since the wedding!  You are an incredible woman. It has been so inspiring meeting someone like you, you have made such a huge impression on me….Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!

I will be eternally grateful!!!

Lots of love,

Katherine xxxxxx



Diane & Teddie

Diane & Teddie are the loveliest couple who live in London. Diane is originally from America and Teddie is from Finland so they decided to get married in Rome. When they asked me to join them there to photograph their weekend of celebrations, I was so excited. Rome is one of my favourite cities and to be able to photograph such a beautiful event there is always a huge privilege.

The lucky couple chose the magnificent Villa Aurelia for their wedding day, which is such a special location. If it wasn’t magical enough, Diane & Teddie chose the wonderful Floriala Decor to create the most breathtakingly beautiful floristry. The ceremony was performed underneath the most splendid floral arch of Peonies, Roses and Delphiniums and pink Rose petals lined the aisle.  Then later on, guests dined in the open air courtyard , with tables full of pink Sweet Peas, Hydrangeas, Roses & bowls of cherries, complete with hundreds of candles and lemon trees.

Diane wore the most incredible Marchesa dress and the whole thing was just magical.

Their amazing wedding was planned by the super talented Wed in Italy Event Planners, who specialise in destination weddings in Italy and did such a wonderful job. It really was such a beautiful wedding and when I look at the photos, I just wish I could go back…


Wedding Planner :Wed in Italy

Wedding Venue: Villa Aurelia, Rome

Floristry: Floralia Decor

Diane’s dress: Marchesa

Catering: California Catering

Entertainment: Bounce Band

Wedding Film: Paulo Manzi

Charlie & Iain

Now this wedding was special. Definitely one of my favourites weddings of last year, possibly of all time.

Liv Newiss, founder of Indigo Wedding Events has the most wonderful taste and everything she creates is just SO beautiful. All the suppliers she uses are the best in the business and her weddings are always heaven. The wedding was very close to Liv’s heart, as the bride and groom are her best friends and she somehow managed the entire day effortlessly, whilst also moonlighting as The Maid of Honour!

The glorious Scarlett & Violet created floral heaven in their marquee at Welford Park in Berkshire. Charlie & Iain are lucky enough to live in a cottage on the grounds so they were allowed to use the beautiful location for their wedding day and their service was held at the church, also within the grounds.

Charlie & Iain are possible the most in love couple I have met. They have a beautiful son Hugo together and are the happiest little family I have ever had the pleasure to photograph. The whole day was full of love and joy and beauty and was truly inspirational to be part of…


Event Planner: Indigo Wedding Events

Dress: Oscar de La Renta

Bridesmaids dresses: Maids to measure

Brides Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Floristry: Scarlet & Violet

Venue: Welford Park, Newbury

Catering: Blistering Events


Sojin & Ashley

Sojin & Ashley’s wedding, at the glorious Aynhoe Park, was just INCREDIBLE! It really was the most fun and just so beautiful. The amazing Fiona Leahy designed the whole Event so it was breathtakingly stylish, of course. She was also a guest, along with the dashing fashion Designer, Roland Mouret (Who made her dress) and the debonaire Christian Louboutin (Who made her shoes…both pairs)

The great and the good from the fashion world joined the couple for the most extravagant Studio 54 Party on the Friday night. The party concluded with a best costume contest, which included a catwalk, naturally and the winners were given huge inflatable golden crowns that lit up… SO much fun!

The wedding on Saturday was at the very civilised time of 5pm and guests reconvened on the lawns of the house dressed in their finery and sipped Champagne, whilst Sojin and Ashley got ready.

Roland Mouret helped Sojin in to the divine dress he had made for her. Then, she was surprised with Beautiful shoes made especially for her by friend, Christian Louboutin in the very same fabric as her dress. And if that wasnt enough, he also suprised her with another set of flats for the dancing later on. What a lucky girl.

I enjoyed this weekend so much and I don’t think I have smiled so much, witnessing such happiness all around. Ashley, the lovely groom was so overwhelmed with emotion during the weekend and he didn’t take a second of it for granted. It was such a pleasure to be part of.

After the beautiful Wedding breakfast, guests were ushered back into the main House by The Cuban Brothers. If you haven’t ever seen them perform, make sure you do. It was geniunely the most I have ever laughed in my entire life. I dont think words can descride how hilarious and wonderful these guys are. Honestly, if you get the chance to see them, do it.

They really set the mood for the most glamourous and exciting party for Sojin & Ashley, that went on into the night and into the early hours of Sunday morning. A more perfect weekend full of beauty, happiness, laughter and Fun, was never had… I was so lucky to have been there too. xx

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Ali & Nick

What a fantastic wedding at Babington House. This is one of my all time favourites. All the detailing was heavenly and Ali was such a lovely bride. Seriously pretty stuff, indeed.