Sabine Ghanem In British Vogue

I was so thrilled to have my photograph of  Sabine Ghanem at the incredible ‘Liaisons Dangereuses’ Wedding Party in Rome featured in British Vogue. This party was held to celebrate her wedding the next day to Joseph Getty. It really was such a decadent, breathtakingly beautiful and spectacular  affair… It was spectacular in fact, it was featured in the article ‘You Had to be There- The guests, the gowns, the giddy expectation- what are the ingredients of a perfect party? Vogue invites 12 revellers to share the nights they can’t forget and the nights they can’t remember’

I was there and it really was a beautiful night and a night I won’t ever forget.

Sabine British Vogue

Sabine & Joseph

In June I had the pleasure of going to Rome with the AMAZING Robert Fairer to photograph the Wedding Of Sabine Ghanem and Joseph Getty.

It was the most decadent affair and everything was just breathtakingly beautiful. The Friday night was a stunning Liaisons Dangereuses costume party held at Palazzo Taverna, followed by the wedding, the next day in the Beautiful Castello Odescalchi, a huge castle by the sea.

The Great and the Good flew in from all over the world and celebrated into the early hours with this most glamorous of couples.

I am so excited that Vogue USA published these photos I took… such a HUGE honour!

Vogue Style Editor at Large Elisabeth TNT takes a Roman holiday for the sumptuous wedding of Sabine Ghanem and Joseph Getty.

When in Rome . . . . If ever there were a familiar expression to describe letting loose, that would be it. No surprise, then, that my friends jewelry designer Sabine Ghanem and financier Joseph Getty chose the city for their wedding extravaganza. Well, there was also the fact that Joseph’s mother, Domitilla, was raised in Italy—and is sufficiently Italian that she even has a pope stuck somewhere in her family tree (N.B.: the ultimate chic Roman reference). At their disposal for the party was the beautiful Castello Odescalchi in Palo Laziale on the seaside just outside the city. The approach to the fairy-tale castle was along an encircling stone wall where you could see, smell, and breathe in the ocean. Up a few stairs you passed into the wedding Spiegeltent—a 1920s Dutch concept, only much bigger and the ultrachic circus-meets-cabaret. Yes, I have been to a party or two, but #joebine, as it became known on Instagram, was a trip to multiple fantastical kingdoms.

After luncheon at the stunning Circolo della Caccia, one of Rome’s oldest members’ clubs, it was on to the party. The bride wore her other Schiaparelli creation: beaded and ostrich-feathered and inspired by Cher’s legendary Bob Mackie look worn to the Met ball in 1974. “The ultimate party dress,” Sabine told me.

All spectacular—but even the night before, we had been taken on a wild trip, with a Liaisons Dangereuses costume party at Palazzo Taverna. The room’s gold stucco and elaborate tapestries were the perfect backdrop to powdered faces, enormous wigs, tight corsets, and exaggerated skirts. For my own costume, I had dived into my wardrobe and luckily found an old Meadham Kirchhoff corset and a puffy Simone Rocha skirt. I was quite proud of my Gothic-modern spin on the theme! Sabine was a vision in her custom pale-pink extravaganza, with extended hips, duchesse silk, and a beautiful corset covered in bows, lace, and bead trimmings. Oh, and her coiffure was so high, it made you wonder how many beehives were hiding underneath.

A touching moment came when the groom’s father, Mark Getty, gave his speech. Over and over again he emphasized his deep affection and love for Sabine. “We didn’t lose a son today; we won a daughter.” Indeed!

Below, the bride—my friend Sabine Ghanem—describes her wedding weekend.

The table setting at the Palazzo Taverna. The dinner didn’t require much production. The natural space already had that opulent and decadent feel wanted for the theme.
Photo: Lucy Tanner

The colours of the flowers matched the theme perfectly.
Photo: Lucy Tanner

Always the most elegant woman in the room, Lady Victoria Getty.
Photo: Lucy tanner

This was bound to happen at some point during the night.
Photo: Lucy Tanner

Eugenie Niarchos and I in a playful and mischievous Liaisons Dangereuses mood. I had so much fun putting together my costume for Friday evening. It was comfortable, yet sexy.
Photo: Lucy Tanner

The ceremony booklets were designed by my mother-in-law, Domitilla. The design is based on the della Rovere Crest-her family crest.
Photo Lucy Tanner

The page boys and flower girls wore outfits designed by Joseph’s mother and made by Loretta Caponi, who still makes everything by hand in their shop in Florence.
Photo: Lucy Tanner

Maxim Crewe and Charlotte Dellal
Photo: Lucy Tanner

Bianca Brandolini d’Adda on the dance floor
Photo: Lucy Tanner

After-hours at the end of the night!
Photo: Lucy Tanner

Jacquetta & James

images-1UnknownJacquetta Wheeler’s wedding was the most incredible day ever. And she was the most relaxed, laid back, not to mention extremely beautiful bride. Her and James made such a gorgeous and glamorous couple and the whole day was perfect. I’m not sure Ive enjoyed a wedding more. Everywhere I looked there was something breathtakingly lovely- It was such a treat to be part of. The divine Scarlet & Violet arranged the flowers and as I walked into the wedding breakfast I actually got a lump in my throat, it was just jaw-droppingly pretty.  Oh and British Vogue published my photographs! What more could a girl ask for?!

J&J Vogue

J&J Vogue2



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