I have always been hopelessly nostalgic and I think this is why I started taking photographs. It was a way I could capture a moment forever so it would never be forgotten or lost. Over the years I have honed my craft so I can capture all the special moments of your wedding day, through the rosiest tinted lenses possible. I look for the little touches of beauty on your day and all the things that others might not notice. On your wedding day, everybody is far too busy to take it all in but that is my job: to see the moments of magic that sometimes go overlooked as the chaos ensues.

“I am so lucky to do what I do. I get to share your happiest day and capture all the special touches you have created. I get to show you the new bonds forming between the people you love the most, all sharing this special day. I get to be part of something utterly unique that is filled with joy. What could be lovelier?”

Your wedding photographs will be elegant, timeless and naturally infused with love and beauty. My style is not about endless group shots and rigid posed set ups, your photographs are best when they are totally natural. That being said, you may need a little bit of guidance so I will gently direct you if necessary. Your wedding will have it’s own distinctive character and your photos will reflect this but in the most magical, sparkly and effortlessly beautiful way possible.

I have had my work published in British Vogue, Spanish Vogue, Australian Vogue, Tatler, Condé Nast Brides, Condé Nast Brides USA, Cosmopolitan Brides, You and your Wedding, Wedding Flowers, and Wedding Day Magazine.


“The brilliant thing about Lucy Tanner is that it’s like having your best friend as the photographer. She just slips right into the stream of things, creating warmth and laughter and capturing so many wonderful memories, from the staged to the secret, as she goes. There is certainly only one photographer for me on my special days.”

Anabel Fielding, Director - Quintessentially Events

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