What are your rates?
Prices for 2018 start at £2495. Please contact me for more information.

Do you do engagement shoots?
Yes as these are a great way for us to get to know each other before the big day. You may be nervous about having your photograph taken so this can really help you relax and give you the confidence that you will be okay! It is my job to get the best out of you and an engagement session can give us both an insight into what works best for you, as everybody is different.
It is also a lovely experience for you both to connect, and I promise we will have a really good time and anything that makes you a tiny bit less anxious on your wedding day has to be a good thing.

Where are you based and where do you cover?
I have recently moved out of London to the countryside. I am now based in Bray Village in Berkshire, which is 30 miles west of London but I shoot all over the UK and worldwide.

What training do you have?
After Art College, I specialised in Fine Art Photography and Film at university. After that, I went on to get a First Class degree in Photography on the best photography course in Europe. All this training has really stood me in good stead, not just in understanding how to take good photographs but also understanding the history of art and image making, which I feel informs more intelligent, authentic and engaging photographs.

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My friend is a fashion photographer, should I just ask him to shoot my wedding?
No! Wedding photography is not just an art, it is a discipline. I have now shot hundreds of weddings over the last ten years and its all about practice and of course, experience. It doesn’t matter how good your eye is, you need to pre-empt the best shots. You need to predict when these shots will happen and you need to know exactly where to be to get them, often before the moment has even happened. All of this takes serious practice and if you haven’t got the experience of shooting hundreds of weddings under your belt, you wont be in the right place at the right time and you just wont get the shots.

Can you just shoot for a few hours for less money?
I can sometimes work out a different package on a mid week wedding but not at the weekend. I get hundreds of enquiries each year and as I only take on around 20 commissions a year, I don’t offer discounted rates for the summer months.